How to apply for Kenya Tourist Visa In Nigeria

Kenya Tourist Visa In Nigeria: How to guide

Discover all that’s required to apply for a Kenya Tourist Visa in this guide.

The Republic of Kenya, a tourist country is filled with an untold wealth of destinations and experiences available to visitors. Either you planning a trip to Kenya or just interested in learning more about the country, you’ll find everything you are looking for here.

Applying for a Kenya Tourist Visa

Geo Travel and Tours provides a seamless Kenyan Visa Application process. Save your time, energy and let us help you process your Kenyan visa now.

Kenya Visa Requirements:

Travelers eligible to visit Kenya require the following documents:

  • A valid Nigerian passport, with a validity of at least six (6) months and at least a free page for the visa stamp.
  • A properly filled and signed Form 22 – the Kenyan application visa form.
  • One (1) recently taken passport size photographs of the applicant
  • Visa Processing fees.
  • Proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever and Cholera (Yellow Card)
  • Return ticket
  • Hotel bookings

NOTE: Application form incorrectly filled results to rejection.

There are several types of Kenyan visas, and they are necessary for citizens of countries who can only gain entry into Kenya via visas.

The various categories of Kenyan visas include:

Ordinary/ Single Journey Visa:

The single journey visa is issued to persons who need visas to enter Kenya for reasons such as business, medical treatment or tourism. Once the person leaves Kenya, he/she has to reapply for another. The entry visa is a type of Kenya visa on arrival and is valid for 3 months.

Transit Visa:

This is issued to individuals who intend to travel through Kenya to another location and it is valid for 72 hours (3 days).

Service Visa:

Service visas are issued to individuals traveling to Kenya for official purposes.

Multiple Journeys Visa:

These are given to people who for some important reason have to make frequent visits to Kenya. This is valid for 6 months to 1 year.

Courtesy Visa:

Courtesy visas are issued to diplomatic officials and service passport holders among other country officials, traveling to Kenya for official duties

Kenya Visa Fees

  • Kenya Transit Visa fee is US $41.
  • The Standard visa fee for an ordinary or a single entry Kenya visa is US $100

The cost above is subject to Change anytime at the discretion of the Embassy of Kenya in Nigeria

Kenya Visa Fees for Nigerians

Payments are to be made to the under-listed account number. You are required to obtain your electronic receipt when making the payment.

Bank Name: Stanbic Bank

Account Name: Geo Travel and Tours

Account Number: 0020769193

It is important to note that the visa processing fee is non-refundable

How to book an appointment

When applying for your Kenya visa at Geo Travel and Tours, you are required to do the following:

  • Fill in the application form.
  • Submit all mandatory documents.
  • Pay the application fee.

Submissions are accepted 24 Hours from Monday – Saturday

Kenya Visa processing time is usually between 24 to 60 Hours.

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