10 Fun Things To Do In Dubai This December

The first time i went to Dubai, I was super excited. The city was beautiful, the people were so nice and the culture was amazing. But, I had no idea where to start.

With so many places to go, things to do, and only a limited amount of time, I knew I had to do some research and make the most out of my trip.

So here’s what I found, Top 10 amazing fun things to do in Dubai

  1. Get a bird’s eye view of Dubai by taking a Helicopter TourNothing is more joyful than a helicopter tour ride around the city of Dubai. A 30 minutes circuit is enough to carry you around the eye popping The Palm Jumeirah, the popular Burj Al Arab, the World islands and outstanding Burj Khalifa.
  2. Go mall hopping in Dubai
    It’s that time to uncover Dubai’s biggest and largest shopping centres, markets and malls. Dubai mall is almost the most favourable, housing international fashion brands like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Chanel, Burberry and more, all you think of when you enter this shoppers heaven is shop, shop and shop some more. Dubai city has a wide range of shopping destinations and while the rich people’s playground are the malls such as Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates, the travellers and common people can linger longer at the Dubai Outlet Mall. For an alternative shopping experience, you can visit the Mercato Mall in Jumeirah as it offers a sight and ambience of the European Renaissance-era of France, Italy and Spain.
  3. Skydive Indoors at iFly Dubai in Mirdif City CentreSkydiving, the heart racing outdoor sport for many. Only hardcore adventurists can really gather their guts and jump from 3657.6 metres above. Not sure you can jump from that height? Visit iFly Dubai in Mirdif City Centre which hosts less terrifying and less daring heights. iFly Dubai is one of the largest indoor adventure places in UAE, equipped with an acrylic glass tunnel, about 10-metre fitted with a double vertical wind tunnel making your sky diving experience worth every penny. In addition, along with adults and youth venturers, even children who are as young as three can enjoy this activity. Here, you will often see a lot of enthusiastic people in line waiting for their turn, I suggest visiting during a weekday.
  4. Have a fun day out at the Dubai Camel Safari in The Arabian DesertWhen you visit Dubai, one best thing to do is to head for the desert and relish the Arabian Camel Safari experience. This activity brings out the authenticity of visiting UAE and living life Arabian style including camel riding in the desert, which is certainly one of the best things to do in Dubai. Besides, a slow and soothing camel bumpy ride, you can also dash the dunes in the 4×4 wheels, a challenging and thrilling outdoor sport indeed. Perhaps, camel riding can be a great experience for children since we don’t do it everyday, ultimately making it a brilliant memory during your holidays in Dubai. In order to check out more on the safari packages you can either council with our brother site or your hotel in Dubai.
  5. Take a Sweet Sail on AbraForget expensive boat ride in Dubai and take the real Arabian Abra Ride as a local transport means. This is a major and a popular means of transport that can seat around 20 passengers travelling between Deira and Bur Dubai. Fun part is, you get to sit facing the sides of the boat that gives an inescapable sight of the skyscrapers. Let’s just say, it offers a rather relaxing smooth and cheap city sightseeing tour.
  6. Splash Splash in the amusement park of Wild WadiScream-inducing joy rides are all that you will see while you visit one of the best amusement parks in Dubai, Wild Wadi. Located in Jumeirah, this splendid tourist site is often thumbed with family vacationers and the best part is, all the rides in the park is made suitable for different genre of visitors, I bet, you will be completely exhausted while you near the day’s end. If you are not one of them who prefer to float at the Lazy River, Wild Wadi has more than 30 rides and some of which you can ride on are 20-meter tandem slides that induce at a whooping speed of 80 km/h to make a drop at Jumeirah Sceirah, you might just have to hold your heart tight. Riptide Flowriders, Wipeout and Tantrum Alley are also some must-try, in fact, there are more rides being built, by the time you visit, you might just have even more things to try.
  7. Walk across the sandy shore of Jumeirah BeachGo down the Dubai Marina Coastline and find a popular place where people gather to unwind and drink a cooler or two at Jumeirah Beach. This is a one-stop beach destination in Dubai which is the favourite of them all (the tourist). Attractions here are at its best, with excellent beach facilities that offer a mix variety of restaurants and a long row of sun loungers, you can also indulge in some water-sports activities like jet skiing, water skiing, paragliding and surfing. Come here and spend hours sun toasting your body under the winter sun with a view of the golden soothing sunset and the beautiful Burj Al Arab. there are also a wide range of exclusive spa resorts and hotels near the beach, check-in at one of these luxurious Dubai accommodations and enjoy a convenient in and out trips from your hotel to the white sandy beach.
  8. Witness the dancing fountain light show at The Dubai FountainThe Dancing fountain light show at The Dubai Fountain Get a visual treat seeing the dancing fountains located below the Burj Khalifa tower. The Dubai Fountain, offers such a spectacular sight you have to literally sigh wow out loud to really appreciate it. Dubai Fountain has a variety of daily performances where the colourful water jets off to a couple of Arabian and English music (around 35 songs) in a synchronized manner. It can shoot up to 140 metres i.e. levitating up to 45-storey high building. The Dubai Fountain is probably Dubai’s top tourist attractions you simply cannot miss while here.
  9. Visit the Burj Al Arab for an afternoon teaSo what if you cannot spend a night in one of the luxurious hotels in Dubai, Burj Al Arab, you can at least visit for an afternoon tea in their exquisite restaurants and cafes. There happens to be two perfect cafes at Burj Al Arab, which are best for tea time breaks with a view and mouth-watering quick bites. Go up to the 27th floor to Skyview Bar for an experience of your life. Visit on fridays for a perfect selection of coffee and tea along with snacks like pastries, sandwiches and cakes. Besides, getting an uninterrupted view of the Palm Jumeirah, is all you can ask for. The other afternoon tea spots is Sahn Eddar located on the base of the hotel with a delightful view of the world’s tallest atrium.
  10. Explore Sheikh Zayed Road From the Subway or the Observation DeckA strong positive energy may be felt while crossing this route, even if you take a metro ride, the towering steel high-rises on both sides will give a permanent impact, you simply won’t be able to forget its beauty. This eight-lane highway that runs through the downtown business district is a major vantage point in Dubai and if you want a view from above, head straight to the observation deck of the Dubai World Trade Tower, it is slightly cheaper than the Burj Khalifa. Another best part about this road is that, you will find a lot of Dubai’s famous malls here.


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